The Developer

Swan City was established with the vision to be the global leader i urban planning and new city development. We are aspired to be the leading and trusted developer with the aspiration of providing private enclave for families with quality, comfort and lifestyle, a place truly called home. Our team of engineers, architects, and business planners are in partnership with stakeholders to ensure the development and evolution of quality living spaces in Indonesia, to support the success of Indonesia seocia-economic and urban development, thus ensuring the happiness and growth of surrounding communities..

Come out to Play

Lavon has provided neighbourhood with eco corridor style. Where this enhance the comfortable living that customers can go out and play without wotty about pollution. Eco corridor provide comfortable pathway for pedestrian to walk, accesibility for easy access to go anywhere and easy access for family to park and ride cars, criculation is no need to worry at all since the whole area will have many greens plants to get the best circulation, connecting the main road to retail area, with walking decks so family can bring their kids to come out and play and enjoy the sunny sun.

Meet The Community

To let Lavon neighborhood alive and active, we dedicated 4 hectare exclusive clubhouse. This club house can be enjoyed by all customers with pool, kids pool, playground, tennis court, gym, yoga room, and gold club. For your kids we have provide outdoor and indoor playground. Besides that, commercial area is also provided in different style for the first commercial area as retail and entertainment hub. .

Estate Management